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Why microbeads as nutrition?

Microbeads are the platform we have chosen to deliver our nutrients. This form factor solves issues associated with most other nutrient delivery systems (pills, powders, capsules, liquids, etc.) and provides the basis for precision-personalized formulas. […]

How To Identify Whether Your Testosterone Levels Are Low

Do you feel like your sex drive is low? Are you experiencing a decrease in muscle mass or an increase in fat around the midsection, loss of hair, or less beard growth? If so, then […]

Potential Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy As You Age In Life

There is a natural and inevitable decline in hormones produced by the body as you age. Testosterone levels decrease gradually with age after peaking in the second and third decades. As such, male HRT might […]

What Exactly Is TRT? A Complete Beginners Guide

Let’s Lay Some Groundwork First If you’ve made it this far, that must mean that you’re either thinking about elevating your fitness training, or you’re embarking on a new fitness regime and want to get […]

How Safe Is Testosterone Therapy?

Male HRT is undoubtedly worth considering as you age or your testosterone levels plummet. Many men typically use prescription testosterone gels or injections for their testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Although TRT makes you mentally sharper, […]

What are the emotional effects of low testosterone levels?

There are key differences between how low testosterone affects men versus women and while many of the effects of low testosterone are physical, these issues in and of themselves can end up impacting an existing […]

The top 10 myths and facts of Testosterone replacement therapy for men.

There is so much information available online, and not all of it is entirely reliable. So we’ve taken the bore out of research for you and here, are the top ten myths and facts about […]

How low testosterone levels predict dementia in males

As we age, our bodies produce less of the hormone testosterone. This can lead to a variety of symptoms, including increased risk for dementia in some males. However, dementia is not just an older person’s […]

What Are The Key Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) For Women?

The benefits for women on HRT both direct and indirect are pretty impressive, with many women reporting wonderful results as they get older or enter menopause. Speak with one of our professional consultants today, for […]

How Hormonal Imbalances Cause Depression & Anxiety In Women

Ask any woman alive today and she’ll tell you that there is an infinite number of reasons why it’s beyond great to be a female. Suffering from depression and anxiety (while not the sole preserve […]